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Creating Solutions

Before Rotary was a company, it was a solution.

Peter Lunati, a technician looking for a better way to repair a car, was inspired by the sight of a barber chair rising in the air. If you can lift a chair, why not an automobile?

Not even a year later, in 1925, Lunati built the world's first automotive hydraulic lift. And Rotary Lift, the Company, was born.

More than 80 years later, Rotary has grown to become the world leader in lift productivity. Global operations extend from our headquarters in Madison, Indiana, throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.

As part of the Dover Corporation, we have the resources and support of a Fortune 500 company. We are able to analyze products, trends, and techniques throughout the world, and then apply that knowledge toward the creation of new Rotary lifts.

We've been recognized by our peers with just about every accolade the industry offers. And by our customers - winning quality awards from industry leaders like Ford, Sears, Dealer Equipment and Services, Montgomery Ward, and others.

Our products have been selected win the "Top 5 Tools Award" from TechShop magazine and as one of the Top 20 Tools by Motor magazine.

Today, we're designing and building over 100 different models of surface and inground lifts. Engineering each one to be durable, powerful, and productive.

Building on Experience

Some of our employees have been building lifts for decades: long before many other companies even had a sign on the door.

What does that mean to you?

It means that more years of experience, testing, and attention go into each Rotary lift than any other product of its kind.

It is not uncommon in our plants to find Rotary engineers loading a lift to full capacity and running it for days on end to test its endurance. You'll find most of our competitors' lifts on hand as well. Because the only way to ensure our lifts are the best is to compare them with the competition.

And we don't stop there. After a lift meets all of our requirements, it undergoes rigorous third-party testing to meet national and international standards for CE, TUV, CSA, and ETL/ALI certifications.

So when you buy one of our lifts, you know that Rotary engineers have carefully considered every detail - from the high-gloss paint that brightens your shop, to the packing crate that creates less environmental waste.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that some of the first lifts we ever built are still working today.

Engineering for Productivity

We never stop listening to our customers. We can't afford to.

Over the years, their suggestions have inspired some important changes in our lifts.

From small details that make a lift more efficient - such as non-skid coating on the runways of our four-post lifts or mounted air-utility workstations. To structural innovations in the columns of two-post surface lifts. Instead of welding pieces together, we form the steel into a double-S shape to increase strength and extend column and bearing life.

Recently, we've taken lift construction one step further by installing high-tech robots to manufacture columns and arms. This allows us to manufacture product with tighter tolerances and stronger designs. From the time an order is placed, the columns for that specific customer's two-post lift may be being built in just 15 minutes or less. This is one of many ways Rotary is focused on the customer from the time products are ordered through technical support calls after the sale.

We even engineered an entirely new category of lifts. The SmartLift® was created in response to your many concerns about the environmental safety of inground lifts. With a fully enclosed container that keeps fluids away from the Earth, it is safe, convenient, and moveable.

We don't believe any other lift company goes to such lengths to keep their customers satisfied. Which is probably why no one else offers a wider variety of lifts - from compact, portable lifts for home use to lifts that can raise vehicles over 130,000 pounds.

We never stop looking for ways to reinvent the lift. Because if our lifts aren't making you more productive, they're not working. So if you have suggestions, we're ready to listen.

Expanding Support

In order to represent Rotary, our sales force attends intensive training on our products and the issues that face service repair facilities. So no one is better trained to guide you through the decision making process than your Rotary representative. Not only can they help you evaluate which lift best meets your needs, Rotary representatives have unique tools like computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to help you see how the right combination of lifts can maximize your space and your money.

With a worldwide network of highly trained Rotary Authorized Installers and Distributors, service support is always close at hand. And considering we still make parts for models we built decades ago, you never have to worry about finding what you need.

Rotary's support lasts the life of your lift. We offer training for your technicians, so they know how to operate the lift properly on the first day of service. And if you ever have a question, product consultants are easily accessible by phone at our customer service center to solve even the most difficult problems.

That is, if you ever have a problem.

Contact us:
STOCKS Equipment
FreePhone 0800-TO EQUIP [0800-863 784] (NZ Only)
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