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STOCKS AutoParts product range is sourced worldwide and includes many of the best known and respected brands in the automotive industry.

STOCKS AutoParts product range is carefully managed to meet the demands of the complex and diverse range of vehicles in use in New Zealand.

STOCKS AutoParts offers products in the following areas -

STOCKS AutoParts is committed to providing its customers with the finest product range and service available in New Zealand.

STOCKS AutoParts has developed and refined a product range designed specifically for the New Zealand market and supports the range with catalogues prepared specifically for the New Zealand market.

STOCKS AutoParts has developed a cutting edge Electronic Catalogue for its steering and suspension product range. STOCKS E-Catalogue lists over 6,500 suspension part applications and covers most of the make and model ranges in New Zealand. It replaces up to seven hard copy catalogues and reduces dramatically the time required to answer customer inquiries and meet customer needs.

STOCKS E-Catalogue enables the STOCKS AutoParts Customer Service Call Centre staff to respond to customer enquiries quickly and efficiently, and provides those customers subscribing to it with a unique and directly accessible resource to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their suspension business. Enter a chassis number into STOCKS E-Catalogue and within 20 seconds the correct OE fitment part number for Japanese import vehicles is identified.

STOCKS AutoParts provides one of a select few KONI appointed service workshops outside Europe and the USA, and offers a specialist KONI racing suspension service. The dedicated STOCKS KoniWorkshop staff draw on their own racing experience to advise on the suspension setup of street and race cars. The workshop staff can develop and build racing suspensions and specialised coil over shock absorber setups for race cars, rally cars, and dragsters for use on the racetrack, road, or oval. The STOCKS KoniWorkshop is fully equipped and incudes the latest 4 way shock absorber tester from the USA. A large proportion of the work also involves the enyhancement of road cars and enquiries are welcomed.

STOCKS AutoParts Contact Information:
FreePhone 0800-STOCKS [0800-786 257] (NZ Only)
Telephone 64-9-270 7222
FreeFax 0800 775 977 (NZ Only)
Facsimile 64-9-270 7221


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