STOCKS E-Catalogue

STOCKS AutoParts has developed a cutting edge Electronic Catalogue for its steering and suspension product range.

The STOCKS E-Catalogue lists over 6,500 suspension part applications and covers most of the makes and model ranges in New Zealand. It replaces up to seven hard copy catalogues and reduces dramatically the time required to answer customer inquiries and meet customer needs.

STOCKS E-Catalogue enables the STOCKS AutoParts Customer Service Call Centre staff to respond to customer enquiries quickly and efficiently, and provides those customers subscribing to it with a unique and directly accessible resource to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their suspension business.

STOCKS E-Catalogue is downloaded daily to subscribers and includes current pricing and availability of the STOCKS AutoParts range of KYB and KONI shock absorbers, KING springs, SUPERPRO bushes, and TRANSTEERING steering and suspension components. New product listings are added regularly.

STOCKS E-Catalogue provides useful tips on suspension parts and service and allows subscribers to produce quotes for suspension jobs, including parts and labour, on their own letterheads. Orders for suspension parts are transmitted directly to STOCKS AutoParts warehouse, allowing STOCKS AutoParts to save subscribers time and increase the productivity of their businesses. Enter a chassis number into STOCKS E-Catalogue and within 20 seconds this will show on screen the full range of shock absorbers, bushes, springs, sway bars, and steering & suspension parts that STOCKS AutoParts list for that vehicle together with the price & availabilty. STOCKS E-Catalogue software is available for a nominal monthly rental. For a small additional monthly charge, STOCKS can supply a STOCKS E-Catalogue package to approved STOCKS distributors which includes a complete stand-alone PC with STOCKS E-Catalogue pre-installed.

STOCKS E-Catalogue Contact Information:
Telephone 64-9-2707222
Facsimile 64-9-2707221
And please ask to speak to your local Sales Representative


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