Greg Murphy Joins The Hunter Revolution

New Zealand motor racing star Greg Murphy has come up against some fast competition on the track in his time…..but none as fast, or as clinical, as the Hunter Revolution tyre changer he recently encountered in Auckland.

Just prior to jetting out to Australia, Greg popped into the STOCKS Equipment Auckland showroom to see a demonstration of the world’s first truly fully automatic tyre changer by Tom Ksiazek, Hunter’s Export Product Specialist. And the normally ebullient Murphy was left almost speechless.

“It’s amazing,” he finally uttered. “I’ve never seen a tyre changed that fast and so effortlessly.

“I’m used to seeing a couple of brawny guys struggling with a lever to remove a tyre from a rim. This is really impressive.” Greg joined one of several Hunter Revolution training sessions held by Mr Ksiazek for tyre industry and vehicle workshop technicians to highlight one of the biggest advances in tyre changing technology.

Five years in development, Hunter says the Revolution is the most advanced tyre changer available, thanks to its fully automatic processes that allow technicians to change tyres effortlessly, in exactly the same way, taking exactly the same amount of time, every time – around 2 minutes. What’s more, the innovative Revolution operates in an identical manner, regardless of whether the tyre is standard, large, light commercial, low profile or even a run-flat.

The new Hunter Revolution has been in huge demand in the US and Europe since its release, leading to a long waiting list.

“Upon release of the Revolution, sales were far greater than projected forecasting. To date we have just about caught up with incoming orders” says Mr. Ksiazek.

Demand continues to be so strong only a limited number are available to New Zealand and the first one to land here has already been snapped up by an Auckland tyre business. Mr. Ksiazek showed just how simple the tyre changing operation can be, from loading the wheel / tyre onto the built-in lifter, thus saving a back-breaking task, to setting the leverless tool head in motion, to break the bead and de-mounting the tyre without any damage to the rim or the rubber. All the technician is required to do is press down on the ‘Go’ pedal at floor level and hold it, allowing the programme to sequence automatically.

The whole operation – demounting an old tyre and replacing with a new one – takes little more than 2 minutes, making it one of the fastest tyre changers on the market. It helps that the Revolution also has an extraordinarily fast inflation system that automatically fills the tyre to the desired pressure – Hunter says it’s 33% faster than traditional foot pedal inflation systems.

All operational steps are clearly shown on the touch screen display as the machine works through the programme, and Mr. Ksiazek also demonstrated videos downloaded into the Revolution’s system, which are useful for guiding technicians.

The Revolution can handle a wide range of wheel and tyre combinations, from as small as 12-inch rims up to 30-inch rims (and up to 50-inch tyre diameters). Designed and manufactured in the United States, the new Hunter Revolution is powered by a 230V single phase motor, which makes it easy to set up in any retail store or workshop.

Details can also be viewed online at the Hunter website, including a video of the tyre changer in operation, at www.hunter.com/tirechanger/revolution/index.cfm .

Rotaty Hoists were recently installed at John Andrew Ford and the Giltrap Audi Terminal in Grey Lynn, Auckland

Pictures of the John Andrew Ford installation





Pictures of the Giltrap Audi Terminal installation





Hunter Gets John Andrew Bridgestone Tyre Store In High Gear

The first Hunter RX45 scissor lift in Auckland has gone into the boutique Bridgestone Tyre Centre situated in the John Andrew Ford and Mazda dealership complex.

Described as possibly the best scissor lift in the world, the RX45 has been matched to a new Hunter wheel alignment system to provide ultra-fast vehicle turnaround, as part of Hunter’s unique Fully Integrated Alignment System (F.I.A).

Situated next to the vehicle workshops, the Bridgestone Tyre Centre has become an integral part of the John Andrew operation.

“We’re a high-end dealership, providing a high-end service for our customers and having a tyre centre established within our complex enables us to provide a one-stop shop facility, making it far more convenient,” says Kevin Schreuder, Fixed Operations Manager for the Automotive Holdings Group, which owns the John Andrew business.

It may have just two vehicle bays, but the John Andrew Bridgestone Tyre Centre is one of the hardest working tyre stores for its size in the country. Established primarily to service the Ford and Mazda client base at New Zealand’s largest vehicle dealership, which includes large rental and business fleets, the tyre store also caters for customers off the street.

“It can get pretty busy in here at times,” says Blake McLaren, Bridgestone’s Tyre Shop Manager. “That’s why we specified an extremely fast vehicle lift and wheel alignment system – I can get half a dozen vehicles suddenly turn up after 4.00pm wanting wheel alignments done before 5.00pm. With the old equipment it was a struggle to do that but now I can accommodate them no sweat.”

Speed was just one of the factors that the John Andrew team looked for. Quality and good service support were also vital and the back-up from STOCKS Equipment, which distributes Hunter in New Zealand, is well recognised.

Blake also explains that the hoist needed to be compact to fit into the workshop space available, yet still be able to take a wide variety of vehicles, from long wheelbase utes and vans, to lowered sports cars. Not all scissor lifts are as accommodating as the Hunter RX45. The space-saving, low-profile design brings it down to just 222mm off the floor (best in class) and Blake says he has yet to find a vehicle that cannot drive onto it. The John Andrew RX45 has been specified with a pair of Swing Air Jacks that are very useful for removing wheels or just lifting them to allow camber to be adjusted while the vehicle is still on the lift.

The Hunter RX45 – its name is derived from the 4.5-tonnes lift capacity – is designed for fast turn-around wheel alignments. The runways are extra wide, measuring 612mm, to cater for a variety of different vehicles. And if the technician needs to step up onto the raised platform when it already has a vehicle on board, there are movable steps that can be used along the entire length on both sides of the lift.

Among its great features are Hunter’s patented Fully Integrated Alignment (FIA) system, which delivers better operating flexibility and saves the technician time when undertaking alignments. A key FIA component is PowerSlide™, which provides automatic locking/unlocking of front turn-plates and rear slip-plates, this automatic feature occurs prior to the caster swing,(no pins to remove), at specified stages of the alignment measurement programme, thus saving the technician multiple trips around the vehicle/lift.

Another handy feature is the Inflation Station™, which enables all four tyre pressures to be measured and set to the correct pressure simultaneously and automatically from either the aligner or the lift console. There are also integrated air lines front and rear for use with power tools. The lift also automatically turns on & off built in LED lights that light up the front and rear suspension areas.

The FIA system communicates with Hunter’s WinAlign computer software to automate the PowerSlide and InflationStation functions, and it also provides print-outs of tyre inflation corrections. With the lift’s fast raise and lower speeds, coupled to the ability to undertake an alignment check in under 60 seconds, business has really moved into high gear at the John Andrew Bridgestone Tyre Centre.

Stenhoj Hoists

This is to confirm that Toyota New Zealand Thames Vehicle Operations over the last 2 years have had the opportunity to replace 2 of their ageing 4 post Supreme hoist, we chose the Stenhoj Major 426 4 post hoist. 

This hoist is manufactured of heavy material and very robust in its fabrication and construction, very smooth clean lines and easy to keep clean. 

Driven from a hydraulic ram attached to wire cables it is very smooth in travel and has a positive safety locking mechanism that can be used in all positions. As operators vary in height, the choice of the height options is excellent. 

During their 2 years in operation these hoists are doing approximately 20 vehicles a day and they have never faltered since the day they were purchased. 

When the occasion arises to replace other 4 post hoist, I will have no hesitation in purchasing a Stenhoj product. 

Kevin Gill - Site Services, Toyota New Zealand, Thames Vehicle Operations


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