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August 24, 2018
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August 27, 2018

Ravaglioli Brake Tester RAVRT009

  • From $180.00 Per Week Excluding GST

    Based on a 60 month finance term – Lease to own

    Pricing includes delivery & Installation – but excludes and Civil or Electrical requirements

Ravaglioli test and diagnosis system for cars and light commercial vehicles sets today’s standards for vehicle testing. Developed to grant modularity and user-friendliness, it incorporates latest-generation equipment in conformity with applicable safety regulations for the periodical testing of motor-vehicles.


Thanks to the flexibility of the software, different operating mode options are available:

  • Standard testing, with remote control operation and with repeat option (ideal for diagnosis)
  • “Automatic” testing, with pre-selected cycle without remote-control operation (RT003)
  • “Legal” testing, in conformity with the regulations applicable in different countries


Thanks to the modular structure of the software, further options include:

  • The control of links to other components like, for instance, opacimeters, exhaust fume analysers, headlight testers, for linking outputs to videos and graphics
  • The control of network links to other computers (e.g., mainline computers, links with Vehicle Inspectorates)
  • Data Bank management, for constantly monitoring the vehicle/client situation, following its development over time and thus providing clients with a personalised diagnosis
  • The software also features a starting autotest function with indication of any faults found and constant monitoring of all system functions


  • The large size rollers with innovative silica–granule added resin coating, ensures perfect grip in all test conditions, and safe guard tyre wear.
  • 4WD & ABS – the low test speed and contra–rotation option, with adequate slip control make the unit suitable for vehicles with ABS braking system and permanent 4WD.
  • Rolling resistance on single wheel
  • Brake ovality (out-of-roundness) on single wheels and percentage difference
  • Maximum brake force on single wheel, on axle and total
  • Maximum percentage imbalance of brake force
  • Total percentage efficiency of braking system
  • Percentage efficiency of handbrake
  • Braking capacity split between front and rear axle
  • Axle weight (P version only)
  • Pedal pressure device (optional)