Hunter SWP70E Balancer
August 1, 2018
Hunter Commercial Solutions
August 24, 2018

Hunter Elite Wheel Aligner ROI

The first choice Aligner for leading Tyre stores & Vehicle dealers “Patented 4 Camera system allows the technician to work at any hoist height”

Other wheel alignment machines don’t come close to matching the productivity and profit enhancing power of the HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment machine. HawkEye Elite® is the most powerful wheel alignment equipment on the market today, using four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip™ adaptors.

QuickGrip adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rim damage. The HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment machine takes just 90-seconds to chock wheels and raise the lift to work height, mount targets and set air pressure, roll forward to compensate sensors, scan VIN numbers and print vehicle results automatically. Say goodbye to wasted shop time and obsolete wheel alignment machines by adding the top-of-the-line HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment system to your shop today.

Advances in alignment technology have meant that wheel alignment servicing is now profitable. However in the last 5 years alone, Hunter has taken alignment technology and innovation to a new dimension. Hunter imaging wheel alignment servicing now delivers not only a level of transparency and quality, which gives your customers the confidence to return, but also outstanding performance and productivity. This results in unparalleled revenue and profit potential for your business. The numbers speak for themselves!

The Hunter Wise Way

Hunter has established itself in the international marketplace as one of the most forward thinking diagnostic equipment manufacturers, with some of the most technologically advanced wheel alignment and wheel balancer ranges available today. Hunter has gained multiple Vehicle Manufacturer approvals and continues to be recognised as a leading brand with an ever – increasing market share.

Used as stand-alone equipment in a workshop or as an integrated complete wheel service solution, Hunter and Stocks provide a key to unlocking your own service potential and future vision for your business.