MASADA Floor Jack SJ-50H
September 28, 2018
MASADA Floor Jack ATJ-20S-3
September 28, 2018

MASADA Floor Jack SJ-100H

MASADA Floor Jack SJ-100H
Floor Jacks, made in Japan Established in 1946, Masada have been manufacturing hydraulic jacks since 1948. Masada have a reputation for building strong reliable jacks. They produce a wide range of trolley jacks to suit the requirements of all workshops.


  • Quick and safe operation
  • Additional foot pedal to raise jack to loading point quickly – available on some models
  • Compact design – easy and effective operation even in a limited area • Rear wheels located to balance the total weight and by using the foot plate at the rear of the jack. This enables the operator to easily move the jack in any direction (larger models)

Capacity 10,000kg
Minimum height: 160mm
Lift: 400mm
Maximum height: 560mm
Overall width: 495mm
Overall length: 1545mm
Handle length: 1070mm
Weight: 135kg