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Hunter Automatic Swing Arm Tyre Changers TCX57

  • Leverless head (TCX57)
  • Automatic swing-arm design
  • Standard three point bead press system
  • 10-26 in. external clamping
  • PowerOut™ bead breaker
  • 7 and 17 rpm clockwise rotation speed
  • 7 rpm counter-clockwise rotation speed
  • 220V power


Simple process

  • Rising cam action smoothly guides the bead through mounting.
  • Single bead press roller disc with rotating arm can quickly mount and demount stiff sidewall tyres.
  • Secondary flip-down bead press arm adds additional contact to service the most extreme low-profile tyres and deep drop-center wheels.


Additional assistance

  • Wheel press cones and extension arm simplify external clamping when servicing low-profile tyres.
  • Tapered roller discs assist with bead lubrication and ease demounting.
  • Lower arm can lock enabling bottom bead demounting and match mounting.

Your business can lease to own this Hunter Tyre changer TCX57 from approx. $95.00 per week excluding GST on a 60 month term.

From $20 per day


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