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Hunter Table-Top Tyre Changers

Advanced conventional tyre changing systems

Hunter Automatic Swing Arm Tyre Changers

Automatic swing-arm tyre changers

Advanced conventional tyre changing systems

Hunter tyre machines are the industry leader in power and speed.

Features at-a-glance

PowerOut bead breaker

Quick adjust jaws

Hi-grip jaws

Heavyweight chassis

Specifications at-a-glance

10-26 in. External clamping range

1099mm Max Tyre Diameter
17 in. Shovel Width

Product family at-a-glance

See them in action

Lower locking arm

Demount heavy, stiff or wide tyres easily with locking disk roller.

Easy bead press

Fast, intuitive operation with best-in-class power. Keep tough tyres in the drop center.

Dynamic bead press system

Standard on TCX57


Additional assistance

  • Wheel press cones and extension arm simplify external clamping when servicing low-profile tyres.
  • Tapered roller discs assist with bead lubrication and ease demounting.
  • Lower arm can lock enabling bottom bead demounting and match mounting.


Simple process

  • Rising cam action smoothly guides the bead through mounting.
  • Single bead press roller disc with rotating arm can quickly mount and demount stiff sidewall tyres.
  • Secondary flip-down bead press arm adds additional contact to service the most extreme low-profile tyres and deep drop-center wheels.


Polished table-top makes cleanup easy. High torque and speed provide power to tough wheels.

Hi-grip jaw covers protect wheels and don’t slip. Diameter marks aid external clamping.

Clamps adjust from 10-26″. All jaws adjust simultaneously for mistake free clamping.


Easily lifts bead without use of levers and relieves bead stress

Powerful two-speed 220V electric motor makes changing difficult assemblies easy.

Swing arm clears from the work area and can return to rim edge easily. Locks rim diameter and width measurements to service same-sized wheels. 30% Smaller than tilt-back designs.

Heavier chassis than other brands featuring rubber feet to prevent movement. More rigid design ensures long service life.

  • Remove risk of injury with optional wheel lift
  • Truck and SUVs have multiplied the number of heavy tyres
  • Wheel lifts store flat when not in use

Are you ready to invest in durability?

Hunter’s table-top tyre machines are built to last. Contact your local Hunter distributor to get a free quote.


Key Specifications TCX54 TCX57
Clamping Type Table Top Table Top
Mount/Demount Tool Standard, Steel Head Leverless Mount head w/protection
Bead Loosening Type Side Shovel PowerOut Side Shovel
Match Mounting Capable NO YES
Rim Diameter Range (Min) 304.8mm 254mm
Rim Diameter Range (Max) 609.6mm 660.4mm
Max Tyre Diameter 1092.2mm 1092.2mm
Max Wheel Width 279.4mm 355.6mm



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