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Automotive equipment

Drive your workshop productivity with Hunter’s high-performing wheel aligners, wheel balancing machines, tyre changers and hoists.

Wheel Aligners

HawkEye® XL HD Wheel Alignment Machine

Hunter ProAlign® Wheel Alignment

Hunter's HawkEye® digital imaging technology provides fast and efficient wheel alignment service. It's designed to be simple to use and affordable to own.

From $35 per day

Hunter WinAlign Wheel Alignment

Cut down setup time and get precise wheel alignment measurements for trucks with multiple axles. Cordless, self-centring sensors let you view real-time measurements across three axles.

From $50 per day

Hunter HawkEye Elite Wheel Alignment Machine

70-second precision wheel alignment measurements make the HawkEye Elite the strongest wheel alignment machine currently on the market.

From $65 per day

Wheel Balancing Machines

Tyre Changers


Car Stackers


  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we do. Our accounts team can organise this for you.

  • Do I have to pay the total amount upfront?

    No, you don’t, we cater for the needs of different businesses, some choose to include the total amount at the time of purchase, financed or cash sales, alternatively we also offer a monthly invoicing option.

  • Why do you not offer these on other products, Revolution & Rotary tyre changers and balancers as an example?

    There are a number of reasons we have excluded specific products, the main one is the mutual affordability for both businesses, we offer a lower price ranged solution for businesses that have extremely low volumes of work that they carry out, these entry level offerings are designed to fill a place in the market but not what we would recommend for high volume users, for these units we are happy to service as and when required at our standard charge out rates.

  • Can I get an agreement for my RX45 Scissor lift as it is a Hunter product too?

    When we decided to create service agreements we considered including various types of Hoists, however upon discussion with external service agents/hoist installers it was decided that providers we recommend already do an outstanding job of installation and they already offer 6 monthly maintenance calls, provided you use a Stocks recommended agent for a hoist that we sell, the manufacturer’s warranty will apply subject to their terms and conditions.

  • I am in Te Anau, can I get an agreement for my aligner?

    We have calculated the agreement rates for city centres, however we also offer our agreements to businesses outside these areas, charging time and travel at an additional, but fair and reasonable rate.

  • What is the cost of the service agreement?

    We offer variations to our service agreements, however an easy way to calculate costs is to budget approx. $100.00 per month, for your 1st piece of equipment on site & $50.00 per month for each subsequent piece that you enter into an agreement with.

  • Why should I pick HUNTER over the competition. What makes Hunter the best?

    Without wanting to sound biased…With over 350 patented inventions from the largest wheel service product development staff in the world. Hunter’s award-winning team of more than 75 engineers and support staff is unequalled in the industry, and there are also many of our clients who would happily discuss the benefits they enjoy with their Hunter products.

  • Can I go for a longer term than 3 years ?

    Yes, we offer a variety of options to suit the different needs of our clients, one of our salespeople will be able to discuss what we can offer your business.

  • Can I get one of these for my machine which is a few years old now?

    Yes, you can, we offer variations to the service agreement to suit most businesses needs, we can discuss your individual needs and tailor a solution to meet them.

  • If I get one of these and my machine breaks down, will you come out immediately to fix it?

    The service agreement is not designed to offer clients priority in the event of equipment failing, our factory trained technicians and wider service agents will always endeavour to react as quickly as possible when our clients have equipment issues, however as we have built up an enormous database of clients over the years, there will always remain the possibility that they have made commitments elsewhere that may need to be satisfied first.

  • My new machine has a 3 year warranty, why do I need a service contract?

    One of the reasons for our service agreements is to ensure your warranty stays valid. The manufacturer’s supply a 3 year parts warranty, however it is subject to caveats, including that the equipment is maintained according to the manufacturers guidelines.

  • Can you include a FREE service contract in our deal and I’ll go for it?

    Sorry no, the equipment sale and the service agreement are two separate transactions, to provide best practice service to your business we have to meet the costs associated with it, the benefits to your business will far outweigh the investment in a service agreement.

  • Will this guarantee no breakdowns?

    While we can never guarantee that equipment won’t fail we have found that by regularly servicing the equipment that the likelihood of failure reduces dramatically, which not only reduces frustration for our clients but also reduces the risk of lost revenue in the event of product failure.


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