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Ravaglioli Scissor lifts

Maximum productivity, minimum space

Ravaglioli Scissor Lifts

RAV600N Series – One Lift for Double Solutions

The new lift geometry simplifies the flush mounting pit construction. Lifts with big platforms, structured and designed for maximum stability also when loaded with large vehicles.

Features at-a-glance
  • Very versatile: the same lift can be flush or floor mounted
  • Easy installation: easy setting up of pit
  • Wide ranging applications: suitable for different operations on various types of vehicle
  • Large wheel stop for high working safety.
  • The hydraulic synchronisation of the platform movements is independent of the load distribution, and is guaranteed by a patented hydraulic synchronization device.
  • All pivoting points are equipped with maintenance free self-lubricating bushings.
  • Base plates with levelling system for an easy installation.
  • Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is in parking position.
  • The new lift geometry simplifies the flush mounting pit construction.
  • Greater lifting height.
  • All lifts are supplied for recessed installation – The drive on ramp kit (see accessories) enables to convert the lift from flush mounted to floor version.
  • Open flush mounting for turntables: Edge-free platforms that allow the turntables to be positioned over the entire surface of the platform width – Ideal when working on vehicles with narrow track.
  • Optimal sliding of jacking beam: Preinstalled galvanised guide on the inner side of the platform, which allows fast and smooth sliding of the jacking beam.

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Features RAV640N.2l RAV650N.2.55l RAV660N.2.55l
Scissor lift design Scissors with runways Scissors with runways Scissors with runways
Mode of drive electrohydraulic electrohydraulic electrohydraulic
Type of installation surface mounted surface mounted surface mounted
Rated load capacity 4200kg 5000kg 6000kg
Max. lifting height 2070mm 2075mm 2075mm
Max. lifing height at floor level 1800mm 1805mm 1805mm
Lifting time 40s 47s 47s
Lowering time loaded 40s 40s 40s
Play detector not possible not possible not possible
Surface coating Powder coated Powder coated Powder coated
Wheel alignment standard optional optional
Length of platforms 4600mm 5500mm 5500mm
Width of platforms 615mm 650mm 650mm
Space of platforms 870mm 900mm 900mm
Wheel free lift not possible not possible not possible
Driving power 2,6kW 2,6kW 2,6kW
Power supply 230 V | 50 Hz 230 V | 50 Hz 230 V | 50 Hz
Air flow 280bar 280bar 280bar
Length 4600mm 5500mm 5500mm
Width 2100mm 2200mm 2200mm
Weight 1413kg 1563kg 1880kg
Installation depth 270mm 270mm 270mm

One Lift for Double Solutions



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