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Hunter Revolution™ Tyre Changer

Fully-automatic changes everything


Walkaway time savings

possible for 4 tyre set


minute service time

typical for ALL tyre and wheel types


Fewer Decisions

Manual tyre changers demand constant decision making


WalkAway™ mode frees the operator to perform other tasks

When paired with wheel balancing, a four tire changeover time can be cut by 25% or more!

Step 1

Mount & Clamp


Step 2


WalkAway™ function

Step 3


WalkAway™ function

Step 4



Tyre machine's time to shine

A status indicator light signals when the Revolution™ is operating autonomously, or when the technician is needed.

  • Steady green – Revolution is running autonomously
  • Flashing green – Autonomous task is complete
  • Steady red – Operator required

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Return on Investment

See how Hunter Revolution can save cost over the long run

Changing and balancing a set of 4 tyres can now be accomplished in record time.

Pairing a Revolution™ and Road Force® Elite provides the best results in the least time.


Adds safety for your technician and customer's wheels

Increase operator safety

Fully-automatic keeps operators hands and body safely away from the machine. Wheel lift protects operator’s back.

Reduce damage risk

Automatic procedure protects expensive rims and tires. Polymer tools ensure scratch free operation.

Increase TPMS safety

Machine constantly monitors TPMS location. Automatically mounts and demounts with best TPMS procedures.

Lease to own over 60 months
with repayments

Your business can lease to own this Hunter Revolution from approx. $405.00 per week excluding GST on a 60 month term. Included is our 36 month comprehensive service agreement, which covers all parts and labour & includes 6 monthly preventative maintenance calls from our Hunter factory trained technicians.



per day

Terms and conditions apply.


Eliminates technician experience gap

All techs are experts

Everyone on your tyre changing team can be equally productive with simple, automatic operation.

On conventional tyre machines, equipment is the tool and the technician is the tyre changer.

The Revolution™ is the tyre changer and the technician is an equipment operator.

Simple decision-making process

With manual tyre changing, the technicians is constantly making critical decisions to successfully change a tyre without damaging the wheel, the tyre, the TPMS sensor, or even themselves.

The Revolution™ only requires four key decisions from the operator.  New techs are productive faster and everyone works smarter.

17 critical decisions for conventional tyre changers

4 critical decisions for the Revolution™


Makes all tyres equal

Handle all tyres in the same amount of time

The same process for all tires means all tires take the same time. Don’t allow efficiency to leak away with run flats or other difficult tires.

15% time savings on today's tyres

Time to service today’s tyres can be 15% faster, because tough tyres don’t phase the Revolution™.  Add in Walkaway™ autonomous operation, and no tyre changer is faster.

Pssst... If you were changing a tire on the Revolution™, you would be done by now—all without risk or backbreaking work!

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Simplifies operation & ensures training

  1. Wheel procedure with slide-out menu shows exactly where you are in the process.
  2. WalkAway™ status indicator lets the technician know when to perform other tasks.
  3. Easy-to-access navigation to other functions and screens.
  4. Switch language on the fly.
  5. Control tyre inflation easily.
  6. View real-time 3D graphics of the tyre changing process.
  7. Get detailed, context-specific instructions.

Provide animated guidance for new users. The entire tyre changing process is shown on screen to easily see what’s ahead.

  • Animation details each step
  • 13 unique animations
  • Can be bypassed by experienced operator

24 videos available to guide a technician through accessory or special procedures.

  • Basic operation
  • Detailed operations
  • Special procedures
  • Accessories

The Revolution™ can toggle between any 2 of 28 languages, on the fly.

Protect your investment by proving preexisting rim damage or incorrect operation.

  • Identify incorrect operation
  • Verify proper work
  • Protect your investment

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Key Specifications TCRH
Clamping Type
Mount/Demount Tool
Bead Loosening Type
Match Mounting Capable
Rim Diameter Range (Min) 304.8mm
Rim Diameter Range (Max) 762mm
Max Tyre Diameter 1270mm
Max Wheel Width 381mm

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