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Hunter Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer

Quickly diagnose vibration issues that traditional balancers can't identify

Road Force® Elite at-a-glance

70 Seconds Floor-to-floor diagnostic wheel balance process

66 Comebacks avoided Per year on average with SmartWeight® and Road Force® technology

24 OEMs approve or require it in their facilities

  • Perform a Road Force® test and balance faster than any traditional balancer.
  • Eliminate error opportunities with the patented vision system.
  • Solve vibration problems and provide the “new car ride” using the diagnostic load roller.
  • Ensure proper centering with patented automatic CenteringCheck®.
  • Maximize efficiency using SmartWeight® technology.
  • True self-calibration with patented eCal auto-calibration.

Return on investment

Calculate your payoff and profits

Vision system

Patented vision technology provides more benefits in less time

Automatic features reduce effort and errors

  • Eliminate manual dimension entry and runout measurement
  • Automatically select weight mode
  • Hide wheel weights through patented algorithms

NEW Smartspot® weight placement pinpoints the exact tape weight location. This removes any confusion and saves time by reducing weight chasing, or repeated trial and error.

Innovation in technology

Balance faster than previous models

Balance and measure
Road Force® in 70 seconds

Diagnostic load roller quickly identifies vibration.

The fastest diagnostic balancer

Provide a “new car ride” to customers in less time than a traditional balance

Lease to own over 60 months
with repayments

Your business can lease to own this Hunter Roadforce Elite Balancer from approx. $215.00 per week excluding GST on a 60 month term. Included is our 36 month comprehensive service agreement, which covers all parts and labour & includes 6 monthly preventative maintenance calls from our Hunter factory trained technicians.



per day

Terms and conditions apply.

SmartWeight® technology

Save time & money with SmartWeight® technology


More sensitive

Modern vehicles are four times more sensitive to static vibration forces than couple or dynamic forces.



Avoid an average of 66 comebacks per year by using SmartWeight® technology.



An average shop saves 7,130 ounces of weight per year with Smartweight® Technology.

Identify additional weight locations

Hunter’s patented vision system identifies expanded areas suitable for weight placement.

Balance modern wheels better

Eliminate static forces that impact modern vehicles up to 4X more than couple or dynamic forces

Training & validation

Improve technician performance and ensure every balance

  1. One-touch to display rim dimensions
  2. Rim cutaway displays selected weight mode
  3. Switch text language with the push of a button
  4. TruWeight™ provides live navigation through selection and placement of wheel weights
  5. Road Force® panel displays assembly value and limits

Miscentering during wheel balancing procedures is the number one cause of improper balancing and customer comebacks. Automatic CenteringCheck® always monitors wheel centering to reduce setup errors.

Road Force® panel displays assembly value and limits, live rim and tire conditions shown on-screen and color-coding allows operator to visualize Road Force® variations

Simple graphics illustrate how to optimize the assembly. Live rim and tire conditions with color-coding allow the operator to visualize Road Force® variations.

Easy-to-understand graphics of suggested wheel placement help the technician correct tire pull conditions.

Easily view and set tire inflation pressure.

View operations videos to help train technicians.

Eliminate customer comebacks

Fix vibration issues in one visit

Unprecedented quality control

Identify and reposition tricky tyres at installation before customer complaints

Improve customer retention

Technicians can quickly check every assembly for vibration and pull issues ensuring a smooth ride

Differentiate your shop

Solve persistent ride quality problems other shops can’t fix

Other shops

Standard balance

Tire is balanced with standard non-diagnostic balancer or older generation Road Force® with the roller turned off.

Customer performs quality check

Since customers are performing quality control for the shop, no additional time is required.

Customer may return unhappy

Majority of customers leave happy, but a small portion leave unhappy. Some return unhappy, others never return.

Additional work is required

Customers that return unhappy will require over 45 minutes of additional work that technicians are often unequipped to handle.

Road Force® Elite shops

Diagnostic balance

Tyre is balanced and a diagnostic test is performed in less time with Hunter’s Road Force® Elite premium balancer.


A few tyres need to be re-positioned on the rim to guarantee a round assembly and a smooth ride. This only adds a few minutes when handled at installation.


Because the technician tested every assembly, all customers leave happy.

Eliminate comebacks

Superior service differentiates Road Force® Elite shops from all other shops.

OEM approvals

Approved & recommended by multiple OEM partners

24 OEMs have welcomed the Road Force® Elite into their equipment programs.

75+ OEM Technical Service Bulletins mention the Road Force® balancer by name.

  • Many OEMs require it to be used in their facilities.
  • Ease-of-use & quality control make the Road Force® Elite the most widely recommended balancer.

StraightTrak® corrects tyre pull

  1. Customer complains that their vehicle is pulling to the left.
  2. Lateral force measurement is performed without time penalty using the Road Force® Elite wheel balancer.
  3. Lateral forces are balanced, eliminating vehicle pull.

Diagnose vibration issues & prevent customer comebacks

HunterNet® 2 Portal

Set goals and track productivity

Set goals and identify opportunities

Easy-to-understand report measures output, opportunities & achievements

Maximize productivity

Easily see shop performance over time and ensure utmost utilization


Automatic, daily delivery via email and text

Receive automatic, daily reports

  • Automatic daily snapshots in addition to a 7-day overview of performance trends
  • View inspection rates and opportunities
  • Measure alignment numbers and conversions
  • Track balancing and Road Force® utilization


Key Features HDE10 HDE11 HDE32 HDE33
Wheel Lift System N/A YES N/A YES
SpeedClamp® System N/A N/A YES YES
Standard Wingnut YES YES N/A N/A
Balancing HDE10 HDE11 HDE32 HDE33
Balancing Speed 300 rpm 300 rpm 300 rpm 300 rpm
Roller Force Variable up to 1250 lbs Variable up to 1250 lbs Variable up to 1250 lbs Variable up to 1250 lbs
Radial & Lateral Runout Accuracy 0.002 0.002 0.002 0.002
Imbalance Resolution ± 0.01 oz ± 0.01 oz ± 0.01 oz ± 0.01 oz
Placement Accuracy 512 positions, ± 0.35̊° 512 positions, ± 0.35̊° 512 positions, ± 0.35̊° 512 positions, ± 0.35̊°
Features HDE10 HDE11 HDE32 HDE33
Rim width (min) 38.1 mm 38.1 mm 38.1 mm 38.1 mm
Rim width (max) 520.7 mm 520.7 mm 520.7 mm 520.7 mm
Rim diameter (min) 254 mm 254 mm 254 mm 254 mm
Rim diameter (max) 762 mm 762 mm 762 mm 762 mm
ALU (min) 355.6 mm 355.6 mm 355.6 mm 355.6 mm
ALU (max) 1016 mm 1016 mm 1016 mm 1016 mm
Tyre diameter (min) 25806.45 mm 25806.45 mm 25806.45 mm 25806.45 mm
Tyre width (max) 4445.01 mm 4445.01 mm 4445.01 mm 4445.01 mm
Tyre weight (max) 20 lbs 20 lbs 20 lbs 20 lbs


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