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Intelligent Sliding Parking Platform

A sliding platform that utilizes every possible space of a parking lot to provide maximum parking spots. By shifting laterally with rails, the platforms help to create additional parking spaces in front of existing spaces, behind columns or in corners. They can be easily controlled by buttons or PLC system (optional) to create path for the space in behind. And multiple rows can be installed front and back to greatly increase the utilization of spaces.


  • For independent parking
  • Motorized system with high sliding speed
  • Up to 100 % more parking places
  • Platform load capacity: 2500kg
  • Platform width: 2100mm as standard, and up to 2500mm
  • Max 3 row arrangements behind each other
  • Low noise operation
  • High level of operational and functional safety
  • Fine finishing of powder coating
  • Dual-direction access is possible

Your business can lease to own this BDP-1, talk to us about options.


Dimensional Drawing

*More stable commercial powerpack
Available up to 11KW (optional)

Newly upgraded powerpack unit system with Siemens motor

*Twin motor commercial powerpack (optional)

Gentle metallic touch, excellent surface finishing

After applying AkzoNobel powder, color saturation, weather resistance and
its adhesion are significantly enhanced

Superior chains provided by
Korean chain manufacturer

The life span is 20% longer than that of the Chinese chains.

Galvanized screw bolts based on the
European standard

Longer lifetime, much higher corrosion resistance.

Laser cutting + Robotic welding

Accurate laser cutting improves the accuracy of the parts, and automated robotic welding makes the weld joints more firm and beautiful


Key Specifications BDP-1
Levels 1
Lifting capacity 2500kg
Available car length 5000mm
Platform width 2100mm-2500mm
Power pack 2.2Kw hydraulic pump
Available voltage of power supply 200V-480V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Operation mode Code & ID card
Operation voltage 24V
Finishing Powdering coating


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