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Ravaglioli 2-post lift KPX32ER

  • 3200KG
  • electromechanical
  • rotated columns at 45°
  • ultra-low symmetrical arms
  • TEq-Link
  • energy kit

Legend Series – From History to the Future

  • Modern design: clean and linear column profile with internal carriage
  • Innovative DNA: long-standing high-quality components and tested for 20000 cycles
  • Space optimisation: ultimate ergonomics thanks to the electronic foot guard

Emerging from the best-selling 2-post lifts, the Legend Series consolidates the engineering knowledge of Ravaglioli and shapes it into an innovative package. Looking towards the future while always honouring the past, Ravaglioli has set an important goal for itself – let the performance meet the design.

  • Load-bearing base: installation also possible on floors having levelness problems or insufficient capacity parameters and cement thickness. (*Please refer to the manual for installation requirements.)
  • Lowered load-bearing platform: H 50 mm.
  • Capacity: 3200KG
  • Minimum routine maintenance: The operating parts require little time for easy replacement or maintenance reducing the risk of error on safety elements.
  • Guaranteed safety and quality over the time: The lift is equipped with premium components that guarantee durability and maximum safety for the operator.
  • Electronic synchronization.
  • Short 3-stage arms and long 2-stage arms with quick fit telescopic rubber pad.
  • Wide rubber protected areas.
  • Internal carriages running on lubricated sliding guides, protected from the external environment, that ensures a longer life to the sliding elements.
  • The new column geometry allows for quick replacement of the nut.
  • The geometry of the arms was designed to lift anything from city to long-wheelbase cars.
  • Overhead cable crossing.
  • Equipped with an acoustic anti toe trap system – Free from mechanical foot guards.
  • Premium quality of components:
  • Aluminum pulley with cooling function
  • Long lasting bearings
  • 50% longer, bronze load nut
  • Motors with reinforced and cooling casing
  • Solid automatic arm locking

Your business can lease to own this Ravaglioli 2-post lift KPX32ER from approx. $65.00 per week excluding GST on a 60 month term.

From $13 Per day


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