Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift RAV 650.2
July 31, 2018
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July 31, 2018

Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift RAV 640.2

  • From $21,995.00 Excluding GST

    Or own this Ravaglioli Hoist from $170.00 per week excluding GST on a 36 month term.

    Pricing excludes delivery & Installation

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Made in Italy & sold in New Zealand & Australia for over 20 years, Ravaglioli deserves it’s excellent reputation for quality and reliability

The Rav 640 is ALI certified and is beautifully engineered and manufactured to a high standard. This lift will function properly and stay synchronised for decades. Synchronisation which is so difficult for other manufacturers to achieve is easily maintained in all RAV scissors lifts by use of a simple electro-hydraulic valve. This is one of RAV’s most important patents and solves one of the biggest complaints about competitor’s scissors lifts.

Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position.

Hydraulic levelling system by means of a patented synchronisation device assures constantly level lifting platforms regardless of weight distribution.

• Lifting capacity 4200KG

• Width of runways 610mm

• Overall width 2100mm

• Length of runways 4600mm

• Height of runways 265mm

• Overall rise height 1850mm