Ravaglioli Jacking Beam J20PNR
March 21, 2018
Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift RAV 640.2
March 23, 2018

Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift RAV 650.2

  • From $200.00 Per Week Excluding GST

    Based on a 60month finance term – Lease to own

    Pricing includes delivery & Installation

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Made in Italy & sold in New Zealand & Australia for over 20 years, Ravaglioli deserves it’s excellent reputation for quality and reliability

  • Hydraulic Synchronisation System – The patented platform synchronisation device assures a constant level regardless of weight distribution
  • Maximum Load Capacity – 5000 Kg
  • Platform Length – 5100 mm
  • Mechanical Locking – Automatic mechanical locking device with pneumatic release for increased safety
  • Play Detectors/Shaker Plates – Fitted in both beds, hydraulically operated
  • Turning Plates – Flush roller ball bearings, heavy duty
  • Hand Control – With integrated halogen light
  • Audible Alarm – During final lowering phase
  • CE Approved – Lift with low voltage controls
  • Recess Installation – Design as standard.
  • The Ravaglioli 650.1 scissor lift is Italian-manufactured and is part of the RAV 600 range of scissor lifts which are well known for stability and reliability. The 650.1 MOT7 variant has been designed to be used with Class VII ATL or OPTL MOT lanes and is fully VOSA-approved. The 650.1 scissor lift has flush-mounted, built-in play detectors which are hydraulically operated by a wired hand control with integrated halogen light, which is also upgradable to wireless. This lift is designed with 5100 mm platforms and a lifting capacity of 5 tons to accommodate large long-wheelbase vans larger vehicles.This lift is equipped with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety devices. There is also an automatic anti-toe trapping alarm which sounds during the final stage of descent. All of these features are in compliance with the latest CE standards.