Hunter Tyre Changer TCX625HD
May 15, 2018
Hunter Tyre changer TCX54 Lifting Arm Right Hand
May 15, 2018

Hunter Tyre changer TCX54 Lifting Arm Left Hand

$3,495.00 Excl. GST

  • The Bead Press System speeds and eases clamping, lubricating, demounting and mounting the toughest wheel and tyre combinations up to 28 inches in diameter. Patented design uniquely locates the pressing forces over the center of the wheel and tire to ensure maximum service strength and rigidity.
  • Tapered rollers assist in bead lubrication and bead lever placement to ease demounting. The rotating arm with single bead press roller can quickly be used for mounting and demounting stiff sidewall tires. The roller may be locked to hold the tire sidewall, which maintains traction during the mounting sequence. When combined with the rotating arm, the fixed bead press arm adds additional bead pressing force to service the most extreme low-profile tires and deep drop-center alloy wheels.

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