September 19, 2018
King Springs Linear Rate Competition Springs
September 19, 2018

King Springs Replacement Leaf Springs


  • KING SPRINGS are manufactured from quality BHP Steel.
  • All springs are manufactured under quality control ISO 9002.

The Intelligent Coil Spring 
Progressive rate springs are the ultimate in spring design. The principle is simple. The spring rate increases when you need it (cornering load carrying etc) and decreases when you don’t. The science being over what suspension travel and to what degree the spring rate will increase. This varies greatly between vehicles. Referring to the above three considerations with King performance progressive rate springs a substantial spring rate increase is achieved with minimal loss of ride comfort as the spring rate increases and decreases where necessary. As the spring derates (the spring rate decreases) the shock absorber no longer struggles for rebound control and gives improved vehicle stability. With King performance progressive rate coil springs, spring entrapment problems are now often solved with substantial spring rate increases and ride height decreases available, with the added advantage of not requiring a shorter shock absorber in most cases.

Progressive Rate Design Principles: 
Remembering the principle, the less coils in a spring, the higher the spring rate, as the spring compresses under load the gathered coils come into contact and become inactive thus increasing the spring rate. The point at which each coil comes into contact and the rate of increase is the result of extensive research, development and testing on advanced testing equipment.

Car & 4WD Replacement Leaf Springs: 
King’s performance replacement leaf springs are designed to be uprated approximately 20% to 30% on original spring rate. Original leaf springs eventually sag and after resetting can sag again. King’s performance replacement leaf springs for vehicles are a quick, relatively inexpensive modification that saves on vehicle down time. They are sold in matching pairs.

Note: King Springs recommend u/bolts be replaced when replacing springs.

Height Options: 
Super Low:Approximately 40 -50mm lowered.
Low:Approximately 30mm lowered.
Standard:Standard height to10mm raised for towing etc.
Extra heavy duty raised:For excessive constant load carrying