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September 16, 2018
Roulands V Belts
September 17, 2018

Roulands Micro V Belts

MICRO V BELTS: Multi Rib Belts 
Roulunds Micro V Belts (Multi Ribbed) have a built in numerical code which includes:

  • Number of ribs.
  • Profile type.
  • Effective length in mm.

ie. R4K0698:
R = (Roulunds)
4 = (Number of ribs)
K = (Profile Multi Vee) – 0698 (effective length in mm).


  • All 3K Belts have a 3 rows of ribs with a 10.6mm width. Sizes range from R3K0540 up to R3K1150.
  • All 4K Belts have a 4 rows of ribs with a 14.0mm width. Sizes from R4K0590 up to R4K1460.
  • All 5K Belts have a 5 rows of ribs with a 17.5mm width. Sizes range from R5K0670 up to R5K1450.
  • All 6K Belts have a 6 rows of ribs with a 21.4mm width. Sizes range from R6K0638 up to R6K2825.
  • All 7K Belts have a 7 rows of ribs with a 25.0mm width. Sizes range from R7K0920 up to R7K2325.

NOTE: Belt sizes are in varying increments. Check size availability when ordering