Roulands Micro V Belts
September 17, 2018
Gates Cooling System Hose Pack
September 17, 2018

Roulands V Belts

Roulunds Automotive V Belts have a built in numerical code which includes:

  • Top width.
  • Application (A) V Belts and (K) Micro V Belts.
  • Effective length in mm ie. R3A1350:

3 = (Top width) 12.5mm – 13.0mm
A = (Automotive V Belt) 350 (outer length in mm).


  • All 1A Belts have a top width of 9.50mm – 10.0mm. Sizes range from R1A0550 up to R1A1475
  • All 3A Belts have a top width of 12.5mm – 13.0mm. Sizes range from R3A0610 up to R3A1800.
  • All 4A Belts have a top width of 17.5mm. Sizes range from R4A0845 up to R4A1600.

NOTE: Belt sizes are in varying increments. Check size availability when ordering.