September 15, 2018
KONI 2816 Shock Absorber
September 15, 2018

KONI 2812 Shock Absorber

KONI are not your average shock absorbers. They feature a number of standards that make them unique:

They can be set to your personal preference (adjustable to your own level of road comfort).

A set of KONI shock absorbers will usually outlive the life of your car.

A KONI is not a copy of the original. It is designed for specific car or specific conditions.

Each KONI is individually tested until the optimum in handling & comfort is reached.

The handling of your car is a major issue four your own safety.

KONI test drivers are dedicated car enthusiasts themselves.


Parts and a full back-up Service, including custom-building, is readily available in NZ.

To suit European, American, Australian or Japanese vehicles, plus Classics.

Mono tube low speed damper

The design and operation of the 28 series racing damper is a unique proof of KONI’s reputation as the leader in the field of damper technology.

They are specifically designed for competition purposes and offer full adjustability while fitted on the car. Their precision adjustment mechanisms allow maximum control over the damping forces generated, especially in the low speed damping range.

To achieve this, the 2812 series do not  rely on the commonly used needle valves. Instead, a superior and advanced adjustment cartridge controls the opening and closing of valve loaded ports. Positive lock detents assure that each port can only be either open or closed. The result is that the cartridge will always accurately reproduce a set of eight pre-programmed damping curves.

Various cartridges are available, each with its own set of characteristics. A pair of cartridges is housed in the main piston, one for bump, one for rebound. Together they can modify any given basic valving in 64 different ways. By having all forces generated by the piston assembly, the control of the damper over the suspension is instant and precise, decisive and smooth.

A separate bulky reservoir is not needed and the installation can be kept simple, compact, lightweight and clean.

Drivers like the 28 series because they feel a real difference between adjustment steps. Mechanics and race engineers appreciate the user friendliness and apparent “simplicity” of the dampers that make them so easy to work with. And Buyers like their price / quality ratio.