KYB-Excel-G Shock Absorbers
September 14, 2018
KYB-Performance Shock Absorbers
September 14, 2018

KYB-Gas-A-Just Shock Absorbers

Mono tube high pressure gas charged shock absorbers 55 Series

Patented mono-tube valving plus high pressure nitrogen gas account for ride comfort and eliminate the aeration or foaming that can occur in twin tube shock absorbers.

These are a very good quality high pressure gas charged / velocity sensitive performance style shock absorber. A good alternative, where available, for “high load” applications such as commercial vehicles. 

The high gas pressure has the ability to control higher than normal spring rates such as those found in the rear of commercial vehicles. Particularly useful in controlling these high spring rates when in an “unladen” situation.


Restores OE Mono tube performance

Increased performance over OEM twin tube

Completely eliminates foaming and performance fade

Up to 30% more damping than twin tube

Single, seamless heavy duty working cylinder

Phenolic piston seal provides consistent performance

Additional floating piston separates oil and nitrogen gas to add velocity sensitive performance

Seamless mounts and bonded bushes for added strength

Approx 40% uprated in valving over OEM product