KYB-Gas-A-Just Shock Absorbers
September 14, 2018
KONI 80 -, 82 -,84 SERIES / 8000 SERIES / 8040-, 8240 SERIES / HEAVY TRACK & RAID
September 15, 2018

KYB-Performance Shock Absorbers

Twin tube gas charged shock absorbers, struts and cartridges NSF, NSG, NST Series.

Improved damping characteristics, improved straight-line stability and compliance in the corners.

KYB suspension tuning experts perform full vehicle testing for New SR shock absorbers and determine the optimal suspension characteristic for each car model.

Important to use when replacing OE mono-tube dampers to retain the correct design features of these vehicles. OE mono-tubes are most commonly found in NZ on mid 70’s to 80’s Mercedes vehicles, plus some Japanese performance vehicles such as Subaru Legacy GBT (Bilstein) Subaru Imprezza STI (KYB). 

Of recent importance is the FG Falcon which has displayed lacklustre characteristics when the OE mono-tubes have been replaced with twin-tubes.

mono-tubes have been replaced with twin-tubes.


Improved twin-tube performance

One way anti-foaming valve reduces foaming and fade

Three stage dual valving

Teflon coated piston valve

Seamless inner cylinder and eye rings

Bonded bushings and sleeves

Hard chromed piston rod

Increased body diameter for improved fluid performance

Approx 40% uprated in valving over OEM product