SuperPro Bump Stops
September 18, 2018
SuperPro Coil Spring Spacers
September 18, 2018

SuperPro Bushes

Innovative designs & features create solutions for automotive chassis Applications to give:

  • Constant steering geometry
  • Better on road handling & control
  • Longer service life of suspension components
  • Increased tyre life
  • Extra off road stability
  • Alignment correction & stability.
  • Traction control
  • More responsive steering

SuperPro is a polyurethane elastomer uniquely blended to give an extremely durable material with the best features of rubber and plastic.

SuperPro is not affected by petrochemicals and it’s mechanical properties creates the ideal material for automotive applications, giving that “new car feel” for the remaining life of the vehicle. SuperPro bushings remain constant in their durometer (hardness), even under the most adverse conditions such as 4WD and off road racing.

Many front wheel drive vehicles do not have provision for wheel alignment correction and as the vehicle’s suspension softens with age, they begin to wander or steer off in one direction.
Replacing with SuperPro bushes rectifies this by the removal of excess compliance in the suspension system without affecting NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) Allows polyurethane to be dispatched into groves under load, reducing NVH (Noise Vehicle harshness).

SuperPro suspension components use engineered crush tubes and shells for longer life and to eliminate slippage. The crush tube is an integral component of the suspension system and allows for free pivoting. Careful attention to hardness and design gives a long service life.
The double helix is used on specifi c applications. The polyurethane material forms itself into the grooves therefore providing positive axial location and still allows full rotation of the pivot. It also acts as a grease reservoir, which further increases the service life of the bushings.

Knurling is used whenever heavily laden bushings require extra protection against adverse wear. SuperPro’s special bore knurling process, when combined with our integral grease retention lips keeps lubricating grease intact for the life of the bushing thus reducing the necessity of re greasing.
SuperPro has developed a method of achieving correct pre-loads while still accommodating a range of variances in sizes. Bullet grooves, tangential grease groves & voiding allow the bushings to fl ex and accept a much wider range of sizes while still maintaining free pivoting of the bushings and reduce NVH.