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September 24, 2018
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September 25, 2018

GOODTIRE Brand Butyl Inner Tubes 

GOODTIRE Brand Butyl Inner Tubes 

STOCKS are the New Zealand agent and importer of the Goodtire range of quality butyl inner tubes. The Goodtire factory is ISO9002 and CNS19682 certifi ed producing over twenty million tubes annually. They have now firmly established themselves as the number one manufacturer of inner tubes in the world.

Goodtire are a respected supplier to many of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. The tubes stocked and supplied by STOCKS are manufactured to the same exacting standards demanded by international tyre companies.

The superiority of tubes manufactured from butyl over those manufactured from natural rubber are well documented. Goodtire’s motto “Long running” is a statement of fact. Goodtire tubes offer the best quality at a reasonable price.

STOCKS carry an extensive range of tubes.